We need to talk
about trust.

Trust. A feeling that can be achieved without a word said.
It goes beyond personal and professional connections.
It is the core of human relationships.
Trust is a verb that drives action, fuels work, and inflames passion.
It takes time to build but can be quickly destroyed.

And destroyed it was.
In these times of fake news, data breaches and fraud, corruption has become commonplace and suspicion our “new normal”.
When doubt takes control, economies and societies become unbalanced. Our outlook looks bleak.
What can save us?

Trust goes beyond stock exchanges. It is about values, but not the economic ones.
It is about transparency, truth. About believing before doubting.
Trust is the link that we build with each other – people and institutions, here and in the cloud. Because trust is absolutely everything for us. It always has been.

What many might call bad business decisions, we call trust.
Give your profits to an important cause?
Build a team of unknowns to compete at the Olympics?
Sell confidently without really knowing what you’ll be able to deliver?
It was on the basis of trust that we arrived here. And through it, we will step into a different future.

Because we trust each other. And more importantly, we trust in a new world of transparency and reliability.
This is our goal and our purpose.



We are the largest trust group the market has ever seen.
Our mission is to make a true and lasting difference in the relationship between companies and consumers.
Check out who is already part of this team of idealists and trust workers.

Confi is a business which has a goal, to provite better digital trust, having free smart solutions to the final consumer and the digital retail. It's responsible for monitoring financial transactions done in it's ecosystem of trust, besides evaluating reputation from stores by the Confi Label(Selo Confi) and identifying frauds using the client's information in real-time.

Throughout the process of online shopping, Neotrust, our data intelligence company, guarantees accuracy and optimization of results, being responsible for monitoring the market as a whole and the intelligence in data processing, as well as secure and impartial technology for management between the group players.

Lomadee, an affiliate marketing specialized company, is in charge of pre-sales. This company creates entrepreneurs by connecting people, businesses and offerings. It also generates financial independence or extra income in the digital world. Affiliates and advertisers are connected in the market, generating trust.

Post-sales can be seen as a friction point between the company and its customers. With Aftersale, we turn frictions into opportunities. It is a complete post-sales automation suite, which impacts the daily lives of consumers and e-commerces, by simplifying the most critical post-sales processes. Whether in reverse logistics or in delivery intelligence, its main goal is to offer an autonomous and agile shopping experience for every customer.